Julie's 1975 Jeep CJ6

Ok, it started out as Phil's as well.


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As Purchased:
November 2011
Before the "Surprise" work starts:
March 2013
Initial Disassembly and Repair:
03/19/2013 - 5/1/2013
Body Prep and Reassembly:
05/01/2013 - 05/16/2016
Final Body Work and Repair:
06/17/2013 - 07/23/2013
Paint and Final Assembly
06/29/2013 - 09/5/2013


The above transformation took place from 3/19 till 9/6.  I did all the work by my self, with an occasional additional hand to help hold or guide as needed.


The work took 440 Mechanical Hours (excluding re-paints and not including part searches, ordering or trips to pick them up), and was done over 90 Days, across 20 weeks.


The Jeep was returned to Phil at a party on Saturday September the 7th, and he had not seen the Final color or assembled Jeep prior to the unveiling (he had not seen any of the pictures in the (Paint and Final Assembly page linked above).


The Unveiling



AMC 304 V-8

Dana 30/44 Axles

3.73 (41-11) Gears

T-15 3-Speed Transmission

Dana 20 Transfercase

31x10.5x15 Tires


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