Prep and Reassembly



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  Did a little more cleaning on the Engine and blew all the remaining blast material off of everything.  I also re masked/plugged the openings after checking for any contaminations.  I then painted the exhaust manifolds and pulleys and fan.  Next I painted the engine.  2013-05-01

  While prepping the frame for painting, I pulled the right rear brake drum off and discovered why the wheel would not role at times.  I figured I'd try and save myself many hours on being on my back under the frame with a paint brush, and spray the Chassis Black Paint.  Figured there would be a few spots I'd have to brush, and the spray might get into a few spots I'd not be able to reach with the brush..  Well it didn't work so well.  Chassis Black didn't spray nearly as well as I'd expected.  So I've now spent two hours on my back on a creeper under the frame re-painting it, and will have at least two more to finish the bottom side with a brush.  And will have to re coat the top side as well.  2013-05-02

  I picked up some PPG Shop Line Single Stage Paint today so I can gloss black the hubs and any other parts that need to be black, as well as a sample of the Jeeps final color paint.  I then spent several more hours painting all the missed spots on the frame, and re-coating everything.  I'm sure I've missed some spots and will be touching up the frame a lot.  The Summit Racing Chassis Shield paint sure didn't cover well when sprayed.  Next time I'll go all the way and remove the engine and flip the frame and paint then flip it back over and finishing painting.  2013-05-03

  I prepped the surfaces that I wanted to top coat with a gloss paint, for appearance and extra UV protection.  I then masked off the areas and sprayed the paint.  2013-05-04

  Started putting the Chassis back together.  I bent and installed the rear brake lines, I'll likely re-make the passenger side as I don't like how low it is.  I used my new double flair tool on the left side, and got a perfect double flair on the first try on the 3/16" line, I hope that continues with the rest of the line I have to cut and flair.  Installed the fuel tank, and front shocks as well.  I also fabricated the alternator stand off support and installed it as well.  Still need to paint the axles where the jack stands were, and likely a few other spots I missed.  I pick up the media blasted tub and body parts tomorrow, weather permitting.  2013-05-06

  Picked up the Body parts from the media blasters, $400 for all the body panels, excluding a windshield.  the Media doesn't do as good of a job as sand blasting on hard rust, but they were afraid to go at the spots any harder for fear of damaging the metal (warping).  I'll have to do a lot of extra metal sanding in addition to the repairs before I can epoxy prime the metal.  the hood had a lot more filler in it than I had realized, but it's still well bonded, so I can use it as a base to work from.  I had the dash grab handle, hood safety latch and dual transfer case shifters powered coated.  Everything looked great except the grab handle had some surface imperfections.  I picked up the needed fittings to mount the oil pressure sending unit.  I had to relocate it as the larger single wire alternator positive post was right where the sender wanted to reside.  2013-05-07
  The replacement front bearing retainer arrived for the T15, now to get it installed.  2013-05-14

  Installed the replacement T25 transmission front bearing retainer.  I then pulled the old bellhosuing, and installed the replacement one.  Next came the transmission and transfercase and drive shafts.  The rear driveshaft is about 5 out of phase, but based on the length and low angles will not likely be an issue.  I also installed the clutch linkage, steering box, and mounted the electronic fuel pump.  2013-0515

  Picked up the Steering Column, Power Steering Brackets and Air Cleaners today.  The Steering Column needs some repairs before it gets primed and painted.  I also ran a couple of brake lines before installing the Power Steering Pump, and electronic Distributor.  I had to swap a couple of bolts out on the Water Pump as two were installed in the wrong spots.  I also had to fabricate a couple of spacers, and will need to pick up a bolt to finish the Power Steering Pump Installation off.  The electronic distributor is a tight fit, and to get the most and best timing adjustment, the vacuum advance diaphragm ends up being close to the PS Pump.  If the belt was any shorter it wouldn't fit this way.  I installed the spark plug wires and learned how to tie them up nice and neat with plastic zip ties.  2013-05-16