The Unveiling



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  As many of you know I took on a little Jeep restoration project on for Julie Showmaker. The Job was to bring back to life her husbands, Philip Showmaker's 1975 Jeep CJ6. Initially the Jeeps disappearance was kept from Phil, but he soon found out it was gone, and that I was working on it. However until Saturday he had not seen any of the assembled or correct color painted parts. The color was kept a secrete, and he was only told that it would be Hello Kitty Pink. Julie invited friends and family to come to a surprise Reveal party, and we pulled it off! 45 people showed up to see Phil's face as I drove the jeep through the back gate at their home.  Their however was unfortunately an issue with the delivery.  The new Electric Fuel Pump I'd installed, failed!  2013-09-07

  A sampling of the before and after of the CJ6.